Wargames and Roleplaying

So what is WARGAMING ?

Wargames are battles fought with miniature figures, or toy soldiers to most people. Ok some are fought with maps and stuff too but they’re not so common!
Players usually take sides and play against each other in a friendly game to see who has the best tactics, choice of army or luck.
You can play a game in any conceivable historical period as well as games in fantasy or science fiction settings.
Many scales of model are used at the club from 54mm high, down to 1/600th scale battleships.
It is fair to say that there are a lot of people currently playing these games:

  1. Flames of War (a 15mm WWII game by Battlefront)
  2. Fields of Glory (an ancients game by Osprey and the successor to DBM)
  3. Warhammer 40K or 40,000 (a 28mm sci-fi game by Games Workshop)
  4. Warhammer Fantasy battle (a 28mm Fantasy game by Games Workshop)
  5. Warmachine (steam powered robots and magic in 28mm, by Privateer Press)

but there are many more played regularly too. Don’t see your favourite game there? Come down and ask around, someone is bound to play it.


At the club we have a huge store of terrain and scenery for members to use. No one needs to bring their own as pretty much any era, battlefield, terrain or objective can be recreated from our stocks.


We are a pretty friendly bunch and most Monday nights there will be around 25 people at the club who’ll be happy to talk, explain what they are doing and hopefully arrange a game. Lots of people are happy to supply both sides in any given game so if you want to ‘try before you buy’ it should be easy to set up a game for a future week.


The first Saturday of each month sees us back at the club, often to play a game that there just isn’t time for on a Monday night. Recent games have included a 15mm D Day game, a huge Warhammer 40K Apocalypse game, two Warmachine Tournaments and Operation Market Garden for Flames of War.

Huge Games

We regularly put on massive (20+ people) multi player games on a Monday night too and this year we have had the battle of Trafalgar and the Dambusters. These usually involve no models to paint or scenery to make, you only need to turn up and enjoy! They also make a great way of meeting other club members while having a bit of fun. So, if you are interested in wargaming or just want to find out more then come down next Monday and see what’s going on.
See you there.

Role Playing Games

RPGs, as they are known, involve a group of friends telling a story between them. Each one takes the part of a different character in the story, the heroes if you like, and pretends that he or she is that character. They talk ‘in character’ and behave as if they were that person, be it a mighty dragon slaying warrior, a 1920’s gangster, an adventuring archaeologist or an elven wizard.
One of the group takes the part of the story’s narrator, the games master or dungeon master. It is this person that plays everyone else in the story from the humble shopkeeper to the evil arch villain. What you can do in the game is limited only by your imagination and the abilities of your character. You can raise armies, rescue the innocent, save the world, travel to new galaxies or buy a coffee. We usually have a total of 5 games running every Thursday and these have an average of 5 or 6 players. Every 12 weeks most of these games end and new games start allowing players to swap easily between games and groups. Anyone who wants to run a game writes an introduction and players vote for the ones they like the sound of, the most popular ones run.

At the time of writing we are playing (Starting 3rd July):

  1. Dogs of War - Peace is bad for business and the kingdom has it's longest period of peace you can remember, which means only one thing, you are flat broke.
  2. Lord of the Rings - Smaug has been defeated; the previously isolated communities of Men and Dwarves are renewing relationships throughout Wilderland.
  3. Runequest - A caravan is leaving Sartar for the city of New Pavis in Prax. New Pavis is a Sartarite colony, built outside the walls of the fabled city of Pavis, now a Troll infested ruin known as The Big Rubble.
  4. Tekumel -
  5. Star Wars - Time: 4 years before the battle of Yavin.
  6. Yggdrasill - It will be classic Viking action - lots of violence and brutality, heroes striving against evil men and monsters, the power of fickle gods and the runes, and quite possibly plenty of death.

But every 12 weeks this will change. Whatever you want to play it’s worth coming down and asking ‘cos someone is sure to be interested.

Occasionally we use the first Saturday of the month for running one-off games that can be played in around 6 hours.
Recently we have had a Cthulhu based game set in the trenches of World War I (complete with sound effects, period food and limited light) and a Vietnam era ‘lost in the Jungle’ game where the humidity reached near realistic levels and the GMs wore pyjamas all day!
If that all sounds like fun and you want to find out more come down on Thursday and you’ll be sure of a warm welcome.