Vapnartak Competitions

Competitions add to the show. As more people come through the door for the competitions, we increase the lively buzz in the venue.

Competitions for Vapnartak 2017

With less than a week to go, we're all done on the competitions for Vapnartak 2017. Any last minutes changes will be on here or our Facebook page.

Competitions confirmed for Vapnartak 2017

  • Malifaux (36 Players) - Fully Booked
  • Relic Knights (10 Players)
  • Impetus (20 Players) - 2 tickets remaining!
  • Warmachine - Vapnartak GT (32 Players) - Fully Booked

  • Pictures from Vapnartak 2016

    At Vapnartak 2016 we had the following competitions running (see below). If you're on Facebook, check out the Vapnartak Facebook page, where you'll find pictures showing off some of the excellent painting skills on display, plus some of the games in progress.