Vapnartak 2017
Participation & Demo Games

Participation and demonstration games / stands add yet another element to the show, allowing you to get a taste of a game system first hand or simply admire someone else's time and hard work. We have a large number of both demonstration and participation games on offer this year, with a selection shown below.

Brompton Bankers
Battle of Es Sinn


The game is a recreation of the Battle of Es Sinn, sometimes known as the 1st Battle of Kut, which took place on 28 Sep 1915 during the early stages of the Campaign in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq. The Anglo-Indian 6th (Poona) Division were advancing northwards astride the River Tigris only to be delayed by the Ottoman 6th Army (in reality little more that a Division of mainly unreliable Arab troops) just outside the town of Kut-al-Amara. We are using our own DBA style rules, provisionally entitled DBWW1 in the Middle East.

Late Roman Re-Enactment


Comitatus is Britain's leading Late Roman re-enactment group helping to set a new standard in historical authenticity.

East Leeds Militaria Society Wargames Club
Bronze Age Saga


A game bronze age SAGA game, using Foundry Bronze Age minatures and home grown SGAGA rules and battleboards.

Lancaster Wargames Society
WW2 - Naval


Rear Admiral Anderson swept the sky to his port quarter again before focussing on the destroyer steaming at full speed towards his Squadron. Black puffs appeared around the destroyer and finally a flash followed by thick black smoke showed where his scout ship had been hit. Debris and then the unmistakable shape of one of the crew, limbs flailing, fell into the sea far below. The admiral turned to the signals officer standing at his side. "Make to Admiralty; Third Battlecruiser Squadron is engaging hostile force.". He then turned to Captain Bailey, "Break out battle ensigns if you please and order the squadron to full speed, Line astern.. Put us between the Russian airships and that crippled destroyer and lets find out if they still want to fight when its someone their own size!

Leeds Night Owls
Lion Rampant - The Battle for Henderskelf Bridge


A key bridge in a small Yorkshire settlement over a small river this is vital to supplies and trade between two local parishes controlled by different lords. Tensions have been high for a while between Lord Ander D'elve and his local rival the Lord Marko Unitt and this has now broken out into open combat between each lord's retinue.

He who rules the bridge rules the trade and manor, who will it be?

Come along, chose your lord and determine who will rules over Henderskelf Bridge.

RAF Wargames Association
Formula Minions


The aim of the game is to be the first person (minion) to get around the track. The track is set in the lab, with all the fun which minions can provide, given access to freeze rays and fart guns.

The League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers
Caught at Kut - 1916


A desperate attempt by the British to relieve their besieged garrison in the Iraqi town of Kut in April 1916.

York Wargames Society
Steampunk - In Her Majesty's Name


Re-enacting battles from Theran Chronicles.