Vapnartak Table Top Sale

After running this for seven years we are certain it's the way to go for the future.
We want to provide an easy and cheap way for gamers to get rid of their old stuff and a table top sale does exactly that.

You come along on the day, pay £2, set up your stall and sell. If you sell £300 of stuff, all it will cost you is £2. Give it a try, the overwhelming response from those that have is "great"!

Why is this good?
  • You can display your stuff to best advantage
  • You can agree a price with the buyer for a quick sale
  • You only pay £2 for 45 minutes, not 10%
  • You can explain/sell the stuff to buyers
  • You can break up lots or offer a discount for buying more items
  • Share a table with your mates and take it in turns to stay on the stall

The tabletop sale is a facility we can provide with the resources we have. It is is now a fairly tried and tested method for us, but I am sure that there will be things we have not thought of; we welcome any useful and clean suggestions on how to improve it in the future. There will always be people that prefer the old "Bring and Buy" format, however we feel that the resource we have on the day are better spent on ensuring everything runs as smoothly as it can for both traders and visitors alike. Even Salute, probably the biggest show in the UK got rid of it's "Bring and Buy" sale entirely for it's 2014 show.

Tabletop Sale FAQ

  • What is a tabletop sale?
    You rent a small amount of space and display your goods on it.

  • How much space?
    3 foot by 2 foot.

  • For how long?
    45 minutes.

  • How much is it?
    £2 for 45 minutes.

  • Where is it?
    In the same location as the bring and buy was.

  • Is there a bring and buy as well?
    No. Sorry we cannot provide a bring and buy service.

  • Can I book in advance?
    No. You turn up on the day and take a slot as it becomes available.

  • Can I book a longer time slot?
    An initial 45 minute slot, with the option to extend it for another 45 minutes, depending on demand.

  • Are there any more charges to pay?
    No. Once you have rented the space there is nothing extra to pay.

  • Is there a storage area?
    Sorry. There is no facility to store goods. We do not have the space or manpower and we cannot take responsibility for left items.